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Teachings on how to walk like Jesus! We will encourage you and show you how to live like Jesus. To walk in The Way.

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Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

We are digging deep, well, mostly digging into our own lives and why we are going to Costa Rica. We are discussing why some do not receive all that God desires them to see.
Rebecca talks about her story with sickness and how she has seen God heal her, spirit, soul, and body.

Power in Partnership

Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Today we are discussing how you can have power in partnership. God has developed this way of working together so all people involved can trust in Him! He has the perfect plan for each of us but some of us fall short for we do not understand. This is found in Hebrews 4, don't fall short!

Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Teaching on more truth of the Word of God! There is so much we are missing because the devil tries to shroud our mind. 
As you listen to this, pray that God will reveal to you the truth of His Word!

Saturday Oct 29, 2022

We are discussing how God moves and why sometimes someone does not see a miracle!
Wow! I cannot post our video on here, YouTube does not like what happened on the video from Sunday.
You can view the sermon from last Sunday on facebook still.

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

Jesus promised us so much and many of us do not see it, why? Listen in and you will see how you too can see ALL that Jesus promised us.
#Waymissions #cancer #migraine #God #Healed

Mark 4 Part 2

Thursday Oct 13, 2022

Thursday Oct 13, 2022

What is so important about the teaching of the sower? We dig into the teaching and show you how you can see God do great things in your life. 

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